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Snowmobile drag races

Snowmobile drag races

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Snowmobile drag racesThe Saskatchewan Snowmobile Racing Association (SSRA) is gearing up for another action-packed season of snowmobile drag races. The 2013 season runs from January to March and races are set to take place in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 
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Highlight of our Maine vacation

We had an amazing time white water rafting. Northern Outdoors is a TOP NOTCH company in every way. We had a group of five, including a 10 years old and 63 year old. It was such a great time! Our 10 year old girl was pretty nervous on rafting day but our guide was AMAZING. Emily took Allie under he…. More »

 Snowmobile Rentals In Michigan

Tips for Skiing in the Spring

During the spring skiing season, every skier is going to need to take a few extra steps and precautions in order to make sure that they have a ski trip that is not only pleasant, but also safe as well. You are going to need to consider that you are dealing with more sunshine than usual, changing con…. More »

Holiday Spectacular Returns This Winter

During the heyday of ice oval racing in the mid 1970s, the ice tracks where these warriors of winter competed became hallowed grounds and the towns which hosted them became household names within the snowmobile community. Still today mention of such communities including Eagle River, Ironwood, and B…. More »

A Day In The U.P. – Sled Down Productions Video

It’s amazing how creative snowmobilers can be. Sled Down Productions brings us another day in the U.P. with their latest video. With record snowfalls, the U.P. has been enjoying a long snowmobiling season. Sled Down Productions is a group of snowmobilers from the U.P. According to their FaceBook pag…. More »

Vermont Snowmobiling

Renting Ski Equipment + MORE

When you are just getting started in skiing, or when you are trying to figure out whether or not this is the right type of sport for you, then it is definitely going to make sense for you to rent the ski equipment that you need in order to get the most out of what the mountain has to offer. Once you…. More »

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